Workforce Investment Board.

Notice of Resolution
June 18, 2013
WIB Meeting

Due to not achieving Quorum at the June 18, 2013 WIB Meeting, the resolutions proposed by the various committees could not be voted upon.  Per the WIB's By-laws, "An action of the Board may be approved by a written resolution signed by a majority of duly appointed members without a meeting".

The Resolutions were emailed to all 24 members of the WIB.  14 signed Resolution voting sheets were returned, resulting in 58% of the WIB members voting. Also, according to the By-laws, "A quorum shall exist when 50% plus one of the standing members plus are in attendance.  If this condition is not met, a quorum does not exist."   It was determined that a Quorum did exist and a written resolution was signed by a majority of the WIB members. The vote was passed unanimously by all that voted.  The Vote was approved and motion carried.