Workforce Investment Board.

Chautauqua Advancement Project (CAP)

The Chatauqua Advancement Project (CAP internship program  is an innovative paid internship program for young professionals who have recently graduated from college or will be graduating in the current year, sponsored by the Gebbie Foundation.  The program hopes to attract and retain a talented workforce that supports young professionals to start careers in the Jamestown area.  To date, the CAP program has worked with over 40 young professionals and have successfully retained the talents of at least half of those interns at local businesses.

Applicants will be brought in for an exploratory interview in order to get to know them and their career aspirations.  This internship program is unique in the sense that the type of internship is decided by the applicant pool.  The career aspirations of the applicant is determined and a potential match for the internship is sought and developed to hopefully turn into a job opportunity for the intern.

This program benefits both the potential employer and the intern.  The employers get to "try out" an intern, get to know them, get to know their abilities and skills, and make the determination on whether or not the intern is a good for with their company for a potential new hire.  The Interns get a first-hand, on-the-job work experience, meet many new people that may open up networking opportunities for them, and can put the experience on their resumes.  It is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

The program will place interns at the host organization Monday-Thursday, while on Fridays the interns will work with the WIB to develop leadership and networking skills while also coordinating a community project and exploring the Jamestown area.  The focus will be on building up the networks of the interns by hosting different events that allow the interns to meet other young professionals and business leaders.  This can open up many more opportunities for the interns to become more involved in our community.