Manufacturing Employers

There is a common misperception that manufacturing jobs are disappearing in our country, and the jobs are low paying and do not require a lot of skill.  Many people picture the old manufacturing facilities with dirty and unsafe conditions.

Chautauqua Works understands that just the opposite is true and knows how important manufacturing is to our local economy.  Manufacturers in Chautauqua County are actively seeking employees and offer excellent pay and benefits to qualified candidates.  Manufacturing consists of more than the production, making of the product that everybody thinks of.  It also consists of front end tasks, such as purchasing of raw materials, marketing the product, warehousing and distributing the product.  These are important components in manufacturing and there are a lot of jobs in these areas.  Technology has changed the skills required as well as the working conditions.

We can assist your manufacturing business with your employment and training needs.  Choose from our services areas below:

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Below is one of our partners that offers services that are specifically focused on manufacturing and its special needs.  For a complete list of partners and their services, refer to our Contact Information Sheet.

MAST - Manufacturing Association of the Southern Tier - The Manufacturers Association works with government and various organizations to define and address the economic development needs of the manufacturing community.  MAST is a strong advocate for the needs of manufacturers whether it is workforce development needs, environmental issues, infrastructure development, workers compensation, health care cost containment or tax relief.  For more information, contact Todd Tranum at (716) 483-1833 or maja@alltel.net.