Agricultural Employers

As a rural county, the agricultural sector is important to our local economy.  In 2004, gross cash farm receipts (sales) were $115.7 million up by 15% from 2003 ($100.7 million).  Dairy farms are the largest sector in the agricultural market, followed by the grape sector.

Chautauqua Works knows every business is vital to the health of our economy.  The needs of farmers are very unique, and we are committed to helping them succeed.

The following are services offered by Chautauqua Works:

Hiring & Recruitment


Current Training Grants

HR Consultation

Economic Development

Opportunities for Your Business

Below are some of our partners specializing in helping our agricultural businesses.  For a complete list of partners and their services, refer to our Contact Information Sheet.

Cornell Cooperative Extension:  Cornell Cooperative provides educational and supportive services to farmers in the Chautauqua County area.  For additional information, contact Andy Dufresne at (716) 664-9502 or

Rural Opportunities (ROI):  ROI provides services to farm workers and low-income families in Chautauqua County.  Services include employment and training, tax assistance, and housing rehabilitation.  For additional information, contact Angel Garcia at (716) 366-9015 or

Department of Labor (DOL):  DOL provides employment services to agricultural employers and workers.  For additional information, contact Gail Dash at (716) 366-0130 or