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2018 Summer Youth Work Experience Program Application Released

The WIB has released the Summer Youth Work Experience Program (SYWEP) application. 

This year we are trying something different to obtain the information we need to determine youth participation in the program.   As you will see, the application is in color and is color coded to hopefully make it easier for youth to fill out the application.  All of the fields on the application that are mandatory to be filled in are highlighted in Yellow.  All of the fields on the application that are mandatory to be filled in if applicable are indicated in green. 

We are asking you to print this application in color.  If you do not have a color printer, please let us know.  We have had the applications printed in color just for the purpose of giving them to you if you cannot print in color.  We have tried very hard to consolidate this application and make it as easy as possible for the youth to fill it out correctly and completely.

Click here for a copy of the application.

The application has been distributed to local schools, local youth programs, and can be obtained at the front desk of either one of the Chautauqua Works locations.  

Chautauqua Works                                                Chautauqua Works
4 E. 3rd Street                           OR                         407 Central Avenue
Jamestown, NY  14701                                          Dunkirk, NY  14048

Please note that applications are due by Friday, May 11, 2018.

Thank you for this consideration.  We are looking forward to a very successful Summer Youth Work Experience Program.   If you have any questions or need a color copy of the application, please contact us at (716) 487-5193.