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Shared Work Program

Shared Work may be an option for some of the businesses that won’t have a full shut down of work, but still be able to have an abbreviated schedule.   Click here to see the Shared Work Program fact sheet.
Shared Work can be used as an option to avoid layoffs and retain the skill sets of a valuable workforce.  The specifics regarding Shared Work are found here and a quick review follows.  As you will see in the hyperlink, also included are related videos, in addition to management and employee testimonials.
·      Flexibility – the employer determines which employees (Shared Work claimants) will be on the plan and how much their hours will be reduced (between 20 and 60 percent).  If the needs of the business change, the plan can be amended.
·      Employee wages and benefits remain intact.
·      Employees included on a plan can be full-time, part-time, temporary, or seasonal.
·      A plan can include as few as two employees.
·      A Shared Work plan can be filed online