Information Sessions & Events

Chautauqua Works and the WIB offer regular information sessions and events to employers. Previous information sessions have covered current grant opportunities, OSHA training, and partner services introductions. Events have included job fairs, targeted recruitment efforts, and strategic planning sessions.  If you would like to be included on a mailing list of upcoming events and updates, please contact Katie Geise by email.  Indicate ADD ME TO BUSINESS SERVICES EVENTS LIST in the Subject line, indicate your name, Business Name and phone number and hit SEND.

Start-Up New York

Creates tax free zones and other incentives to businesses locating on or near approved colleges and universities throughout New York State, with the goal of attracting businesses that would not otherwise locate in the state. Fredonia State University in the northern section of the county and Jamestown Community College in the southern part of the county are participating in this program. Click here to learn more about this program.

Training Grants

Chautauqua Works provides information and technical assistance on various training grants. For more information on current training grant opportunities, click here.

Work Experience Site

Are you interested in having a set of extra hands or providing a learning opportunity that will develop the skills of local job seekers? Chautauqua Works and our partners offer a variety of work experience programs that pay the wages of the individual and cover the worker's compensation insurance while he or she is placed at your site. Individuals placed in a work experience have experienced barriers to obtaining employment. Barriers can include lack of experience in an occupational area, long-term welfare recipient, at-risk youth, and chronically unemployed. Being a worksite for these programs offers your business a chance to try out a candidate before hiring, extra hands for tasks, and an opportunity to assist in the development of your local workforce.  For more information on work experience programs, contact Clara Swanson.

Federal Bonding Services

The Federal Bonding Program (FBP) is a means by which the Department of Labor has arranged fidelity bond insurance coverage to be given to employers to guarantee the job honesty of ex-offenders, welfare recipients, those with poor work histories, youth and other high-risk job applicants. All costs are borne by the New York State Department of Labor. In order to be eligible for the FBP, a job seeker must first have the offer of a job.  The job must be full-time, 30 hours a week, and has to have the expectation of continuing for 6 months. Self-employment is not covered.

Important Telephone Numbers

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American Job Exchange

Job seekers can not only search thousands of job postings, they can also access a comprehensive set of career management tools plus job alerts for relevant opportunities.

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Other websites

There are several website that can help you find specific work. Click here for a list of some of the most popular ones.

Job Seach Sites

NYS Deprtment of Labor

Search the New York State Job Bank for current openings in Chautauqua County and surrounding areas.

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